Welcome to the WorkflowFM Composer Server documentation.

The Server provides an intermediate layer between the WorkflowFM Reasoner and the Client. It exposes a raw socket to allow the client to communicate remotely with the reasoner.

The server is currently insecure for public use. Avoid deploying it in a public server or outside a firewall.

The reasoner is based on HOL Light, which runs on the OCaml toplevel. This makes it difficult to manage in a scalable way and to connect to it remotely or through the web. It also limits its usage to a single user. The server addresses these issues by managing connections through a raw socket and queueing requests to the reasoner.

The server can be deployed either manually or through Docker. Using the existing Docker image makes things much easier, but this documentation covers a few different ways to build and deploy it.

Once the server is deployed, you can run an connect multiple clients to it.

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